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Documents Archiving
We all in most times need to get an important document, but the ring binder that contains it is not where it is supposed to be. Either a colleague passed it on to another employee, took it home or already transferred it to the archive vault. Daily office processes strongly depend on the accessibility of a broad range of documents. Including paper documents, technical drawings, images, Office documents, accounting records and e-mails. Our central digital archive provides a home for all of them. Storing them in digital format for as long as required in an audit- and legally compliant manner – regardless of which system they originated from.

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Land Rates
The system has the ability to assess and reassess land and improvements using configurable assessment methods to determine revenue due. It also has the ability to store data for land values related to residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family and agricultural land. Moreover, for parcel of land it has the ability to capture the land use based on the predefined parameters for that land that can be extended as and when the county desires. Its integration with the GIS system for location relationship helps it allow for storage of records for a long time given an infinity number of years as they are scanned to a specific property record link.

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Universal Ledger
Universal Ledger is the central application area of our system. In the Universal Ledger, financial information is posted, summarized, and reported. Two main components of the Universal Ledger application area are the chart of accounts and G/L Budgets. The chart of accounts provides quick access to G/L accounts and balances, and the G/L Budgets feature compares actual amounts and budgeted amounts.

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Property Management
The system has the ability of the system to generate a unique reference number for property acquisitions (either through build or buy process). If through build, the project management cycle shall transfer such property from Construction status to Commissioned status. The reference number shall be used to track all payments and records references in the records/document management system.

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Human Resources Management
Jobs Management, Employee Recruitment, Employee Management, Employee Confirmation, Promotion Recommendation, Professional Bodies, Employee Transfer, Asset Transfer, Transport Management, Medical Scheme Management, Overtime Management, Performance Management, Training Management, Succession Planning, Disciplinary Management, Leave Management, Shift Management, Company Activities, Occupational Health and Safety, Exit Interviews and Payroll.

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The system provides users with ability to capture citizen / entity details that are workflow initiated by an external system and create a record in the revenue management system. Moreover, it does establish and maintain individual (external and internal) and business profile information in the data model to comply with local laws and filing requirements and provide the flexibility to configure account structures that reflect the way the Department conducts business.

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Payment Process Management
The System allows making and receiving of payments. The payment module allows receiving of funds from members for various purposes such as:
  • Registration
  • Share Capital
  • Deposit contribution
  • Booking
  • Sale

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Revenue Services
Our system allows for the capture of revenue generating assets (through an external Asset Management System) - Classification coding of what is a revenue generating assets required – which are further able to define various categories of billable services such as (Permits, Licenses, Fees, Charges). The system allows the association of the imported asset with the revenue services offered within that asset e.g. A building owned by the county could have housing units that bring revenue through leases.

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