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Revenue Collection
Our comprehensive solution for the electronic collection of Government Fees, Taxes and Custom Duties. It serves as a means to achieve a cashless environment via the introduction of Virtual Funds and automates all revenue collection processes, allowing government agencies to exploit the full capabilities of the technology to transform its services to the public.

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Business Intelligence
The system provides an Interactive Dashboard to Executive Management and also drills down to the lowest possible revenue transaction. It also has the search functionality. The system enables users to customize dashboards, by drag and drop without technically writing any code (Programming). Intelligently the system suggest the data visualization based on the Revenue Data.

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Collection Management
The system provide a mechanism to define a multiple collection calendars and collection periods and only allow billing and collection on open period to define multiple collection accounts (supporting multiple currencies) to be used for cash reporting either manually or imported from the other Cash Management Modules.

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Business Licences
The system has the ability define an entity and classify it according to sectors that have billable implications (e.g. a bar, butchery, a hotel etc.) I also has the functionality of quering GIS data when adding a new business to determine if it is within the County or not. The system has the ability to calculate Fees based on client-defined metrics for the billable services configured and applicable for Permits and Licenses for the business entity defined to support licensing fee structures by type.

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Document Management System
A document management system is responsible for the handling of documents in a company. This includes the methods, instructions and processes for administration, control, storage and destruction of documents. For us, document management means to intelligently speed up, simplify and optimize the administration of documents and information. To ensure this, our customers count on Rahisipay software in the form of a document management system (DMS). Such a document management system should meet two major requirements for the transition to a paperless office at your company.

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Case Management
A case manager lets you group together all the issues and business you need to organize, communicate or put on record. In practice, however, that often appears as follows: Documents are stored and filed away in (digital) folders. Task lists are recorded in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook or even in writing. Coordination with colleagues and business partners takes place in parallel by e-mail or phone. The result is that everything is carried out in a process-oriented way.

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